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Full text of "Venice Beach Business Improvement District Miscellaneous Emails and Records from CD11"

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For Property BID expiring on December 31, 2015 or new PBID beginning operation by January 1, 2016 

Start to finish; Begin BID operation on January 1, 2016 page 1 




February - Marchy/ 

Finalize dollars needed to complete renewal 
Hire consultant, if needed 

March - June 

Form Steering Committee to guide BID formation/renewal activities 

Commence informational sessions with property owners in potential BID boundary area 

May - 

J u,y / 

Decide boundaries of new BID 

Decide programs (security, maintenance, image, streetscape, administration) 

Decide budget 

vyork on potential assessment formulas (front footage, building square footage, parcel size, etc.) 

AUGUST 1,2014 

Submit 1st Draft of DATABASE to City Clerk for review and verification 


DATABASE Must contain, at minimum, 1) All APNs, 2) Property Owner Names, 3) Assessable 
measurements of property, and 4) Assessment calculations. 

CITY CLERK will review, verify, and approve all information in Database 

AUGUST 15, 2014 

Submit 1st Draft of MANAGEMENT DISTRICT PLAN to City Clerk for review | 

MANAGEMENT DISTRICT PLAN Must contain, at minimum, the 1) Boundary description, 2) Boundary 
rationale, 3) Service Description, 4) Budget, 5) Benefit Zones, & 6) Assessment Methodology 
MANAGEMENT DISTRICT PLAN Must also contain other legal & procedureal requirements 
CITY CLERK will review Management District Plan to ensure compliance with State Law 

NOTE: Revisions may be needed to ensure legal compliance with legal statutes 

OCTOBER 1, 2014 

Submit revised Management Plan and ENGINEER'S REPORT to the Office of City Clerk 

Finalize District Management Plan (boundaries, assessment formula, budget) 

Present finalized assessment roll to City Clerk who will audit/verify all parcel data 
(all assessment data for all parcels including: formula, calculations, footages and assessment 
amounts must be verified and agreed to by the Technical Research Unit of the City Clerk's Special 
Assessment Section before petitions can be distributed.) 


Management District Plan & Engineer's Report APPROVED by City Clerk 


MANAGEMENT PLAN & ENGINEER'S REPORT MUST be approved prior to Petition Drive start date 





January - 

Mail out District Management Plan & START PETITION DRIVE 

Follow up campaign to secure signed petitions equal to 50% plus $1 .00 of proposed assessment 


March 1st 

FINISH PETITION DRIVE: Submit final petitions to City Clerk 

(No later than 

March 15th) 

Request City Council to adopt an "Ordinance of Intention" to form a BID 

Management Plan, Engineer's Report, map and complete list of all stakeholders due to City Clerk. 

City Clerk verifies petition signatures and affirmative percentage. 

March 17th 

City Clerk submits complete BID formation project summary report to City Council's Jobs 
and Business Development Committee (JBDC). 

NOTE: JBDC meets twice a month with a very limited time to hear agenda items 

March 24th - April 14tt 

EDC will schedule and hold public hearings and recommend that Council adopt the 
Ordinance of Intention to begin the Proposition 218 election/formation process. 

EDC meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday (March 24 and April 14 only).